Speak with Confidence (CRS-Q-0036831-PRE)

Course Objectives

This course aims to equip the you with abilities to speak publicly to deliver the organisation’s message succinctly and in accordance with objective. It will provide you with highly professional resources to make you deliver speech and presentation with confidence.

In this course, you can look forward in learning the right mindset for public speaking to conquer your stage fright, developing an effective speech format, practicing on various presentation techniques and identifying areas for improvement on your speech. Alongside, we will equip you with skills on how to deliver engaging speech with confidence by applying the help from your voice, body language and visual aids techniques.


Who Should Attend

Business owners, senior managers and team leaders, who are looking forward to upgrading their public speaking skills.


Training Duration

2 Day

  1. Manage nerves and have right mind-set for public speaking
  2. Prepare speech with identified objectives, confirmed data and supporting materials
  3. Organize the body of the speech and draft the speech to ensure message is clear and succinct
  4. Engage audience with effective speech opening and closing techniques
  5. Add impact to speech using visual aids, voice and body language
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