• Business Stagnation ?
  • Losing customers to competitors ?
  • Decline in profits ?
  • Decreased productivity ?
  • Trouble managing employer-staff relationship ?
  • Difficulty in monitoring staff performance ?

Our clients used to have those problems and we help them to solve those. As a result of our consultancy they get Company run on Autopilot, Business Systemized, Business Expansion, Enhanced productivity, reduced operating expenses, increase in sales revenue, and penetration into new markets.


What We Do?

  • Developing quality Assurance in auto repair business
  • Project positive and professional image in auto repair business
  • Striving for Excellence in automotive repair business
  • Handling services Challenges in auto repair business
  • Providing customer services with the right attitude in auto shop
  • Self-Management
  • Adapting to changes in auto repair Environment
  • Identifying service vision in auto repair
  • Effective coaching for services performed in automotive repair shop

Do you happen to have any of those problems? Many of our customers had those problems and we’ve helped them overcome these difficulties.

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How Can We Help You

Impact Analysis Consulting Pte Ltd is a global management consulting firm that serves leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, non-profitable organizations and small medium enterprise (SMEs). Established in 2009 and incorporated as a Private Limited company in 2016, our professional consultants are certified by SPRING Singapore.

We specialize in providing management consultancy services in productivity improvements, branding & marketing and business strategies to help companies realize their initial conceptions to overseas expansion.

We offer coaching, trainings and solutions to help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and to realize their business goals.

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Why choose us?

We specialised in providing management consultancy services in productivity improvements, human capital development, branding & marketing and business strategies to help companies from conception to overseas expansion.

Team of Consultants Across Various Practice Areas

We maintain a lasting relationship with clients and ensure sustainable organisational change and growth.

Customisable and Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are customised based on organisational context and are scalable to support business needs.

Strong Industry and Consulting Experience

A team of consultants with over 10 years consulting experiences and various industry partners.

Visible Results & Sustainable Growth

Our clients have seen impacts on their business after implementation of IA’s solutions.

Free Consultation

1st Management Consultancy to provide free consultation for young entrepreneurs.

Superior Quality

Impact Analysis Consultant always provides superior quality services.


Our professional consultants are certified by SPRING Singapore.


We are WSQ approved training organisation certified by Skills Future Singapore.

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