Capital is a critical success factor in getting your business venture off the ground. But finding capital can be a challenge, particularly if your venture is too small for institutional private equity funds, not high-tech nor high-growth for venture capitalists, and you do not have valuable assets to pledge as collaterals for loans or facilities from banks and finance companies.


What do you do when you are about to or have exhausted your personal and family financial resources?


What you need is an angel investor. Angel capital is a good alternative source of funding for early stage and growing companies.  It is a vital resource for entrepreneurs to thrive or survive through this fast-paced and uncertain world.


Target audience:

  • Business owners who intend to seek angel capital to enhance their business growth
  • Management staff assisting business owners who intend to raise angel capital
  • Management staff of companies funded by private and institutional investors

Minimum educational qualification: secondary school education or above


Module 1: Who are angel investors

Module 2: How to get angels find you

Module 3: How to prepare an investor-oriented business plan

Module 4: How to entice angels fund your venture

Module 5: How to live with angels